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Lipeck hospitals

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Family doctor medical center 398050, Lipetsk, street Sögel, 30A
phone: (4742) 28-05-05, 27-27-12
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The hospital medical unit of the uvd of the lipetsk region 398000, Lipetsk, St. Tsiolkovsky, 20
Metudela head of the Department of internal Affairs (4742) 34-74-51, 74-88-50 Secretary, the head of the hospital with polyclinic 33-44-76, CH.74-86-99 nurse, emergency room 35-91-13, neurology 35-91-19, the reference Desk 35-91-11, 35-91-14 Therapeutic Department, Surgical Department 35-91-18
Единственная детская крепость липецка, пр-т Победы 108ПассажиркаЛипецкая кондитерская фабрика
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